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Maurice Johnson Gym Trainer


Maurice Johnson is a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Motivational Coach and former Ballet Dancer and Gymnast. Maurice specializes in toning, building muscles, stretching & flexibility. 

I love helping people change their life and reach their goals by sharing my expertise and by providing everyone with the perfectly customized program and right technique.
Sam Clevenger Gym Trainer


Sam Clevenger is a personal trainer at Redcon1 Gym.

I have 5 years of training experience and have multiple certifications that include Personal Training, Nutrition, and EMT/firefighter. One of my favorite trainer experiences was helping my grandma and mother lose a total of 132 pounds together!

My passion is to educate people on the wonderful life of healthy eating and proper training. I believe with my 5 years training experience, I can help change your mind, body, and soul into the badass beast you always wanted to be.

Gio Diaz Gym Trainer


Gio is a Master Trainer and has more than 10 years of experience in health and wellness with a proven track record in helping clients achieve fitness goals. She has multiple certifications including Expert Rating Global of Personal Trainer Certified, & Sports Nutrition Certified.

Gio is currently an IFBB Physique Pro & a Former Professional Swimmer. Bilingual in English and Spanish

I have an excellent working knowledge of 1-on-1 training, expert knowledge of anatomy, strong grasp of motivational principles, and dedicated to safety and healthy exercise techniques.
I can design customized fitness programs, weight loss programs. Coach and training of bodybuilding athletes, calculate body fat ,lean mass, fat mass, BMI and calories intake daily. I care deeply about my clients, and there’s nothing of more value to me than helping somebody go through an experience that makes them happy, confident, and strong. I’m here to be your personal guide on every step of the journey.

DT Roth Gym Trainer


DT Roth is a ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and a NPC Superheavy Weight Bodybuilder since 2012 and has been actively training clients ever since. DT is also a coach for lifestyle and competition athletes. 

I have been in the industry for over 10 years. My vision is to create the best version of yourself! I want to help you appreciate you for you and never settle for being just good enough. I want the best you that YOU can bring. If you have any questions, please feel free to grab me at the REDCON1 Gym counter or on the floor and I’ll answer any questions that you might have.
Lains Albert Gym Trainer


Lains Albert is a Trainer at the Redcon1 Gym and Stretch Practitioner. 

A recent graduate out of FAU with a background in Exercise Science and Health Promotion . I am well versed in Exercise Leadership, Exercise Programing , Exercise Physiology , Advanced Method , biomechanics and nutrition. My passion for fitness began through my love of sports and developed as a varsity athlete in football , wrestling and track. My approach to fitness emphasizes age-appropriate programming with a specific focus given to cardiovascular and strength training in combination with balance and flexibility training. I aim to educate clients, help them obtain positive behavior change, teach them proper form and create lifelong healthy habits.
Emmaunel Vate Gym Trainer


Emmanuel is a Master Trainer at the Redcon1 Gym, with 28 years of experience and is Certified FISAF (The Federation International of Sport, Aerobics & Fitness. One of the largest fitness education providers globally)

I take on a holistic approach to training, and base your training program specific to your needs and goals. He has trained a variety of clientele from the amateur to the professional bodybuilder. My priority is to help you to execute the correct form of workout to have the best results in a short time and in a safe way. My business card is my body. At 50 years old I can prove that it is not about your age but it’s more about what you do, and how you do it!
Angela Katz Gym Trainer


Angela Katz is a Personal Trainer with 5 years experience. Angela specializes in Personal Training, Online Coaching, and Nutrition Planning. 

I began my fitness journey in the fitness world as a CrossFit enthusiast and then transitioned into bodybuilding.I am currently an NPC Bikini competitor and my love for fitness has now become my passion and true calling. I love to be able to impact my clients lives and help them reach their fitness goals and dreams!

I live by the motto: Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. – Tony Robbins
Phill Halliwell Gym Trainer


Phill Halliwell is a Personal Trainer and Powerlifting/ Strength Coach with over 45 years of experience training clients of all ages and abilities. Phill is a AWPC Masters Powerlifting World Champ and World Record Holder and Top Ranked Masters Powerlifter 

Throughout my career as a personal trainer and powerlifting / strength coach, I have changed and inspired numerous lives. My belief is that there is no limit to what can be achieved with dedication and perseverance
Hannah Ray Gym Trainer


Hannah is a Certified Personal Trainer & Certified Nutrition Specialist. She is a Master Trainer at the Redcon1 Gym and  specializes in weight-loss transformations, muscle building, women’s health & fitness, and women’s competition training. 

I come from a versatile athletic background, playing 16 years of volleyball, participating in 5 years of CrossFit & 2 years of group training. I’ve worked with everyone from a 12-year old tennis professional, group training with classes up to 20 physical therapy based clients (those who have never trained before!)

My goal as a fitness professional is for you to feel like the best version of yourself through movement, nutrition and mental toughness! I push you not only in the gym, but also help you set goals to crush outside of the gym! My passion is seeing others succeed and have their “AHA” moment in fitness! Today is your chance to get started towards the best version of yourself! Let me help you get to these milestones and have a blast along the way!
Nick Antico Gym Trainer


Coach Nick Antico is a Master Trainer with 10 years experience and has certifications/ services that include NASM CPT, Certified Online Trainer, Nutrition Consultant, Contest Prep Coach and Physique Transformation Coach. Additionally, Nick is a  IFBB Pro Classic Physique Athlete.

I specialize in competition prep, physique transformation, and lifestyle coaching. As a Pro Bodybuilder I know all the in’s and outs of what it takes to build and maintain the best physique of your life. The name of the game is positive constructive habit building, and creating an environment conducive to reaching your goals in a specific desired time frame, while absolutely loving the process.

I offer one-on-one personal training, small group personal training, and online training and nutrition consulting. I also offer bodybuilding posing coaching for all competitive divisions. If you’re interested in advancing your physique and learning what it takes to reach your highest potential, let’s set up a Free Consultation and discuss what that looks like for you.”


Steve Mancinelli Gym General Manager


General Manager